Inlay Pens


Nothing makes a more special and meaningful gift than one our inlay pens.  Just like a puzzle, tiny wood pieces are glued together and laid into a wood barrell.  The result is a smooth, all-in-one finished barrel that no one would suspect started as intricate pieces.  All inlay pens are made using the Wall Street Pen, a classic with added knurled metalwork and black banding.  Inlay pens are available as twist pens (as pictured) or click pens.  Please indicate your whether you'd like your pen to be a click or twist in the question/answer portion below.  Please be aware of the additional time for crafting due to the extra work involved.  We attempt to ship our products within two weeks, but inlays may take three. Take Parker refills.

Inlays available, but not pictured:  Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, First Cavalry, Police, EMT, Nurse, Knights of Columbus, Irish Four Leaf Clover.

We may be able to make an inlay that is not listed here on our site.  Contact us with your idea!

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