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Handcrafted by Steve began as a fledgling idea and became a dream come true. What started out as a small hobby to make family gifts has evolved through local craft shows and juried art fairs to what you're reading right now, our website.

Handcrafted by Steve is dedicated to two concepts - craftsmanship and creativity. Having worked for 36 years in an industry where the thousandth of an inch could make or break the product, Steve stands by his craftmanship. If what he's making doesn't pass his own high standards of quality control, he'll make another and yet another until he deems it worthy to ship out to you, our customer.

Creativity was never a part of Steve's industrial years, so now is when he gets to tap that inner resource and "play". All of our bottle stopper shapes are his original designs, and no two are alike. But we don't want you left out of the creative process. As you browse our products, you may want a specific style of pen or stylus (or anything!) in a certain color or metal. Just let us know. If it can be done, then it will be made according to your liking. If not, we'll work with you to provide you with a product that will be sure to please.

Thank you for looking at what we have to offer. We'd love to work with you!

Kathy and Steve Swift

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